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Full Version: Boss info and Tips,What to use
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Smilonemys Raid

shields, group shields taunting shield,healing,pounce, is the key to win.

Winning Teams:
Level 21 Tragodistis
Level 24 Diloracheirus
Level 22 Thoradolosaur
Level 22 Ardentismaxima
Level 23 Diorajasaur
Level 25 Indoraptor
Level 25 Tenonto
Level 25 Tryo
Winning Teams:
4 Player Team: Maxima 22,Diloracheirus 25,Purrolyth 20, Paramolch 18. Boss dead in Round 18

Loosing Teams:
3 Player Team: Maxima 22, Paramolch 19, Indominus Rex 20.
3 Player Team: Maxima 22,Maxima 23,Baryronyx 14.

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