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Top Business Processing Outsourcing Companies in Delhi
IO Digital is one of the top-leading companies in Delhi that provide call center outsourcing services and various other types of digital services focusing on digital customer experience, e-commerce development, and creative design. We work tirelessly from start to finish to deliver a complete finished product with full emphasis on speed and scale. We combine effective strategies and processes with professional technical expertise in digital marketing to deliver tangible results for both the real and virtual worlds.

We assist businesses, governments, and organizations in redefining their services to their prospective customers and operating their connected enterprises digitally. We offer digital technology services through live chats and social BPO service call centers thereby keeping our customers engaged. Some of our digital services include digital BPO services, customer experience, customer & marketing strategy, social media optimization, e-commerce, content creation, and sales & marketing.

Our strength lies in e-commerce development, customer experience & engagement, and social media collaboration. This is what makes us different. We believe in value creation for your business and aligning our objectives and outcomes with yours. We work alongside you to deliver transformation programs that drive substantial financial gains. Meeting your needs is our top priority and ensuring the reinforcement of the client's positive engagement with your brand.

Below is a brief description of some of our clients and our role in assisting them:

1. Reebok and Adidas: From Chabot to handling their site operations, we cater to Adidas and Reebok with our complete solution package. We moved the whole company’s operations to the cloud, which help them manage effectively at less cost. Cloud also makes it easy for them to scale it and make changes in the process without any downtime or impact on business. Both Reebok and Adidas have shown a significant rise in customers as well as turnover during COVID times.

2. Ferns and Petals: IO Digital handles BPO services of Ferns n Petals which includes social BPO, chat, etc. Where every commercial business is facing crises and challenges during COVID timings, Ferns and Petals have actually had a boom in this time. FNP’s customer base increased in this period(on special occasions such as Raksha Bandhan, Father’s day, birthdays) and hence its turnover increased significantly. Apart from the chatting/calling process, social media management, SEO, and other conventional services, we have introduced cloud calling for them. We have automated their processes which helped them save a lot of their cost.

3. Clix Capital: Clix Capital is one of the renounced loan providers in our country. During COVID times, they reached out to us to help them increase their business. We have them streamline their end-to-end operations, improved business processes, and earned a happy customer in exchange.

4. 1 to 1 progress: 1 to 1 progress is the most prominent language learning platform in France. We provide them an end-to-end digital transformation solution, which includes analytics and Chabot services. We handle their end-to-end operation and assist people and help in learning the English language through VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol services.

Our offices are located in four major metropolitan cities namely New Delhi (India), London (UK), New York (US), and Paris (France). Our founders are Sandeep Soni (Chairman and CEO) and Simon Peacock.

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